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Training and Coaching

We train, coach, and mentor grassroots leaders, civic leaders, youth and women associations through tailored assistance and long-term strategic support. We develop adaptable curriculum that responds to specific needs of our partners

Policy Development  and Strategic Communication

We work with policy-makers to develop inclusive and effective policies that strengthen their legitimacy and respond to multi-faceted challenges of governance in emerging democracies. Moreover, POLITICOM  Inc. helps decision-makers develop strategic communication around policies and key decision-making processes.


We work with civil society to develop coalitions and advocacy campaigns targeting both national and international decision-makers. Our advocacy techniques combine online and offline tools to vitalize issues and build support for specific causes.

Help You Win Elections

Our tech-savvy, politically astute political team works around the clock to help our partners build solid electoral infrastructures for competitive campaigns. POLITICOM Inc. develops partnership with key international organizations and institutes to provide exposure and knowledge-sharing to our clients.

Research and Publications

We develop partnership with Universities and Think tanks to elaborate policy papers, policy briefs and books that provide significant contribution to the field of governance,  democracy, and international cooperation. Scholars and practitioners contribute to make this space a very practical, solutions-oriented organization.

Areas of Work

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We provide technical solutions that strengthen peace, security, justice, stability, and good governance. We are foot soldiers for democracy, human rights and human dignity.

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