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POLITICOM Inc. is an international consulting firm tapping into a wide network of devoted experts, field-tested international development professionals, and purpose-driven researchers to support effective design and implementation of impact-driven projects. Its wide network of seasoned professionals combine 25 years of experience working in 30 countries across Africa, North America, and Latin America and Caribbean region (LAC).

POLITICOM Inc. works with international organizations, civil society, donors, academia, and grassroots organizations around the world to develop practical solutions to improve governance, transparency, accountability and address violent conflicts.

Areas of expertise

  • Democracy and Governance

    We develop country-specific strategic analysis to implement tailored programs aimed at building the capacity of Host Country Government institutions, such as Parliament, Local Governments to foster effective service delivery through sound policy development, transparency and accountability, and political inclusion.

  • Project Design and Management

    We develop cutting-edge systems, new technology, and provide a pool of senior managers to design and implement projects with a high standard of performance.

  • Campaign Management/ Elections/ Election Monitoring

    From developing a campaign strategy to coining your campaign key messages, POLITICOM Inc. uses new technology and cutting-edge techniques to help political parties and candidates develop a brand and a powerful message that can sway voters. We provide tailored consultancy to build a competitive ground operation to mobilize volunteers, develop get-out-the vote strategy and target voters on Election Day. POLITICOM Inc. develops partnership with several international institutions to build capacity of parties, candidates and their teams for effective campaign.

  • International Networking

    Leveraging its large network of global partners, POLITICOM Inc.supports networking activities that allow its partners to connect, learn, and share their experiences on the global stage.

  • Civil Society Strengthening & Advocacy

    A vibrant civil society is the cornerstone of effective democracy. We develop tools to improve civil society’s organizational capacity and internal governance and self-evaluation, such as Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) tools and provide technical assistance and coaching to build CSOs coalitions and advocacy around key issues.

  • Political Economy Analysis

    We realize through real-world experience that international development must take into account incentives and interests of key stakeholders. As part of our design process, we work with our partners to conduct stakeholder analysis and PEA in order to better understand the context to build effective development strategies and forge successful alliances with formal and informal actors.

  • Preventing / Countering Violent Extremism

    Violent extremism is an emerging and expanding threat. Preventing and addressing violent extremism requires key professional skills and real-world experience to deal with the underlying factors of vulnerability of violent extremism. POLITICOM Inc. has garnered field experience from 15 countries across Africa, in the most complex environments, such as Chad, Northern Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Mali.

  • Youth and Women Leadership

    We develop tools and provide exposure to youth and women leaders as their grow into influential actors in their community. We believe and support young people as the key assets to build a more prosperous and stable world. Most of POLITICOM Inc. volunteer work and corporate social responsibility is dedicated to support youth-led initiatives.

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We provide technical solutions that strengthen peace, security, justice, stability, and good governance. We are foot soldiers for democracy, human rights and human dignity.

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